what our customers are saying:

an expert bee keepers opinion

"i was very much pleased with the scythe as i ordered it myself believing that the principle was right from the illustration. i used it around my home, around the shrubbery and our boys used it somewhat in our bee yard. the tool is very light, the blade keeps sharp easily, and the sharp point at the end enables the user to get very close to objects like shrubbery or beehives and thus cuts practically all the grass and weeds. it is far superior to the ordinary scythe, and you have my permission to use this letter in any way you see fit."

a. i. root co., e. r. root vp    medina, ohio




most satisfying

"the marugg grass scythe proves itself an excellent tool. it is the most satisfying hand tool that i have ever used. in tough grass it cuts a little less uniformly than the power scythe. in all other ways, in my opinion, it is a better tool because, it is light, it handles gracefully & comfortably even on steep ground, it is far less dangerous, it is quiet & makes no fumes, it is much more adaptable. in rank growth one narrows the cut & shortens the stroke. it always starts - provided the user will start. aside from reasonable skill & care in use, there are no maintenance problems. it requires no fuel or oil. it runs on breakfast. it’s cheaper to buy than most weed eaters & is cheaper to use than any other power mower. and best of all it’s good exercise."

wendell berry                 author of a good scythe




hammered edge superior

"i have never seen anything to equal the marugg special scythe, the way it cuts. i would have to grind an ordinary blade at least 10 times to do what i have done with this one on it’s first hammering, and it still cuts good. i have tried it in the toughest kind of cutting, and when handled right , it will stand as much abuse as any blade i have ever tried."

john littlewood             helton, nc




orders from onlookers

" i received grass blades, attachments and hoe all ok, and while people watched me in the city while i was mowing, they just wondered how i could do it, mow the grass as close as a lawnmower. j. d. bolster and silas wentz, who were watching me, gave me their order which you will find enclosed."

andrew m. kline         olympia, wash



forest rangers praise bush blades

"we gave your bush blades an actual on fire trial and found it superior to all other tools on the chief's fire truck. our chief has made an inspection trip to los angeles and advised fire chiefs in that district to equip their trucks with a marugg bush blade."

roy meyers, redwood city, california



workmen fight over these scythes

"i carried my outfit to my orange grove, where i have two men mowing, both tried it out and stated that it is the finest scythe they had ever used. when i left they were about to fight to see which one would use it. please enter my order for another, rush shipment."

c. h. sams,    new smyrna, fla.


"dear friends at the marugg company

i am interested in mowing hay with a good scythe. my dad has one of your scythes and likes it a lot. i would like to get one too. i am 5'5" tall and am 13 years old. please send ordering information."

jennifer freeman    stockton, ny


easy enough for a child

"i am ordering a scythe because i want to help cut loose hay for my rabbits and my calf. my brother, my sister, and my dad have scythes and i did not want to feel left out. i am 9 years old and i want happy healthy animals."

elizabeth freeman    stocton, ny


our distinquished history - take a tour
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historical registry.jpg the marugg company was founded in 1873 by christian marugg. christian was one of the pioneer settlers of the swiss colony in grundy county, tennessee called gruetli. he brought the first european style scythes to this mountain top village in the early 1860's and probably the entire united states. i say that because as a child on my grandfather's farm up north the only scythe we ever knew about was the american style from seymour manufacturing. how i wish we had a marugg scythe.

area farmers, fresh from their homeland villages in switzerland and germany, looked to the marugg company to provide them with the finely made cutting tools they were accustomed to using at home. orders from these old world customers would find their way to the marugg company with each day's mail and we never needed to buy a single page of advertising. these swiss and german farmers knew exactly what they wanted. they wanted european style scythes,( ergonomically designed to their personal size and height ) not the heavy american style that you have to bend over to use; the back got enough abuse without that. they soon found the marugg company by word of mouth or with the help of the local german newspapers that were in circulation at that time. soon orders from satisfied customers, friends, and neighbors were streaming in from across the country. by the 1930's, christian's grandson, brosi marugg, was running the company in its present location, ( tracy city, tennessee, still in grundy county ) with the "marugg special" grass scythe blade still headlining the company catalog.

    world war ii had a devastating effect on the marugg company because the source of blades dried up. even the display blades that hung in the office were robbed to fill orders from desperate customers. a new source of blades was found in austria, a company that has been in operation since the year 1560, copied the marugg patterns and has been supplying us with blades to this day.

    even in spite of the rush to gas powered machines of the 60's and early 70's, there was still enough love of the old ways that the company pressed on. in 1973 the marugg company passed into the hands of another swiss descendent, charlie baggenstoss. in 1993 he handed the company down to his nephew, john baggenstoss. john kept things going till he decided to retire in 2003 and sold the company to andy weaver and dean lutes, natives of the tracy area.

in 2006 allen and amy wilson purchased the company.

        in the late 1970’s the quest for basic tools and the move away from gas powered tools brought on by the emerging organic movement helped sustain the company. in 1980 wendell berry wrote an essay titled, a good scythe that appeared in organic gardening magazine and this produced hundreds of requests. to this day we still get referrals from that article. with each order we include a free copy of that essay. since 1873 hundreds of users have written about their good experiences with marugg scythes and made constructive improvement suggestions. see some of our testimonials at the left side of this page.

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